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Benzyl Chloride

Properties and Applications
1.1 Molecular formula, Molecular weight, Structural formula and CAS No.
Molecular formula: C7H7Cl  

Molecular weight: 126.58
Structural formula:                               
CAS No.: 100-44-7
1.2 Properties
Appearance & Characters:colorless transparent liquid with unpleasant irritating odors.
Boiling point: 179.4℃
Freezing point: -43℃
Flash point: 67℃
Self-ignition point: 585℃
Specific gravity :( ρH2O =1):1.1(4℃/20℃) ;( ρAir=1):4.36
Solubility: insoluble in water; soluble in a variety of organic solvents like benzene, ethyl alcohol, ethyl ether and chloroform.     Hazard properties: flammable when near heat, open flame or oxidant. It will emit toxic corrosive gas by high temperature.
Stability: stable under common conditions.
Chemical reactions will take place when it contacts with strong oxidizer, iron, molysite, water or alcohols.
1.3 Main Applications
Benzyl chloride can be applied to a variety of fields ranging from the syntheses of pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, and dyestuffs to perfumes.
2. Quality Standard
We provide benzyl chloride meeting the criterion listed below and special quality standards according to customers’ requirements.

3. Packing, Storage and Transportation
3.1 Packing
Packing material: 200L plastic drums made of polyvinyl chloride
3.2 Storage
Benzyl chloride should be stored in a cool, well-ventilated warehouse, kept away from ignition sources, heat and flame, avoided exposing to direct sunshine and stored separately from oxidant and alkali.
3.3 Transportation
Be careful when handing, protect against any damage of the package and container. It is not suitable for carriage in rainy days. Please observe personal safety when handing. Transport in the regular route and do not stay in residential area or congested areas for long.

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